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Bolsover Castle & Chesterfield 19.05.2024

Bolsover Castle & Chesterfield 19.05.2024


Be transported to a lost age of aristocracy and beauty as we travel to the stunning Bolsover    Castle. Explore the rooms and enjoy the tales as you wander the highly acclaimed English       Heritage estate.


There’s so much history to discover in the ‘Little Castle of Bolsover’ and with interactive displays, you’ll be imagining you’re a real Lady or Lord of the Castle in no time. Be sure to survey your castle from the Wall Walk too and admire the views of not only the estate, but the Vale of Scarsdale. Be sure to take time to sample a scrummy cake from the onsite Bolsover Café before we head to Chesterfield for a wander around the town.


Will you enjoy a spot of retail therapy or go and have a look at the Crooked Spire? Perhaps a     relaxing late Sunday Lunch will be the order of the day before we head home still dreaming of all the grandeur at Bolsover!


  • Departure Code: B

  • Includes Admission

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